A platform for discovery and production of novel ingredients from microalgae

Word from CEO

Its our responsibility to create a healthy enviroment for future generations. This we can only do by developing new sustainable solutions to meet human needs for food and industrial products.

The secrets of Microalgae can fulfill many of these requirements. The breaktroughs we have achieved at MicroA makes us optimistic. Our goal is to be a major player in this development.

Svein Dahle, CEO

Latest news

ISO 9001 implementation at MicroA 150 150 Micro A

ISO 9001 implementation at MicroA

The top management of MicroA has made the strategical decision to implement a quality management system (QMS) according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. A lot of work has already been performed regarding the ISO 9001 QMS, including work on process mapping, the production procedures and improvement/deviation-registration. The main purpose of establishing a QMS at MicroA…

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New larger production hall at MicroA 150 150 Micro A

New larger production hall at MicroA

In January 2018 MicroA open its new production hall. The new hall is a significant extension of MicroAs existing production building and will allow for a scale-up of our microalgae production for both products; astaxanthin and Prasinoguard. The new production hall includes high tech system for temperature control and other special design elements for optimal…

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