PRASINOGUARD is a natural and novel ingredient for cosmetic and medical purposes, a unique product only produced by MicroA.

PRASINOGUARD with its very special properties has exciting potential in both cosmetic and medical products.

Skin care (cosmetic and medical)

The skin is the human body’s largest organ, providing a protective physical barrier against the outside world. The skin is constantly exposed to physical, chemical and biological factors that can cause damage, lead to irritation, and in the long-term cause premature signs of ageing. Modern skincare aims to provide protection against environmental stress and enhance the skins natural defences.

PRASINOGUARD has been developed by isolating a polysaccharide secreted by the marine microalga Prasinococcus capsulatus. Marine microalgae, like P. capsulatus, must cope with extremes of sunlight, temperature and physical forces. To survive in these fluctuating environmental conditions, they have evolved an extensive array of protective mechanisms. Incorporation of these mechanisms into skin care formulations can offer novel ways to protect human skin against environmental stresses encountered in the modern world.

In formulations PRASINOGUARD can offer multifunctional biological activity:

  • Protective: PRASINOGUARD is a high molecular weight gel-forming molecule which provides a barrier against environmental damage including pollution. In nature the PRASINOGUARD polysaccharide acts as a shield, creating a thick protective capsule around the capsulatus and protecting it in its oceanic environment.
  • Anti-irritant: PRASINOGUARD counteracts skin inflammation and irritation which may result from the action of chemicals, excessive exposure to sunlight and other biochemical and environmental factors.
  • Hydrating: PRASINOGUARD can carry more than 100x its weight in water, which can help to prevent water loss from the skin, enhancing barrier function.

Claims that has been substantiated in human studies:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Skin soothing

  • Reduces redness

Other medical applications

The special physical and chemical nature of PRASINOGUARD has an exciting, but not fully explored, potential in medical device products. The high level of purity and the controlled production process make it more appropriate in medical products compared to similar products captured in the wild.

The polysaccharide consists of common sugar subunits, such as glucose and galactose, which are found in all natural carbohydrates. These are combined in a unique polymer with a high degree of sulphation. Sulphated polysaccharides like PRASINOGUARD are well known for their anti-viral properties. The extreme high molecular weight with its sheer-thinning viscosity creates unique end use possibilities.

There are multiple end-uses opportunities for this novel product based on academic studies, molecular properties and customer feedback:

  • Wound care
  • Eye care
  • Feminine care
  • Anti-viral applications
  • Drug delivery and microencapsulation
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Medical 3D-printing

MicroA cultivates P. capsulatus using cold Norwegian coastal water and MicroA patented technology to ensure a controlled, stable and safe production. The refinement of PRASINOGUARD into a finished product is a gentle chemical-free process performed in-house that includes physical separation, concentration and drying. The only by-product from the process are natural seawater and the algae cells.

The ingredient has been shown to be safe in humans (HRIPT) and in a wide range of in vitro systems. PRASINOGUARD is a non-GMO product.

Prasinoguard can be provided as a concentrated solution, or as spray or freeze dried product, depending on the end use of the product. The product can also be depolymerised upon request. The product is white in dried condition with no additional treatment needed.

INCI: Prasinococcus capsulatus Exopolysaccharide

CAS: 1617512-78-3

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