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Product delivery:
25, 640 or 1000 Litre containers


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Prasinoguard® – A unique exopolysaccharide with multifunctional properties

Prasinoguard® is the result of intensive research into microalgae polysaccharides between  MicroA AS (www.microa.noand Glycomar Ltd (www.glycomar.com). This collaboration led to the characterization, manufacturing and patent protection of this new polysaccharide.

Prasinoguard® (raw material), is a very High Molecular Weight biopolymer (average 5-10MDa) with a High Degree of Sulfation (25-35% by weight). Preliminary studies have confirmed its bioactivity and suitability for personal care use, healthcare indications and incorporation into biomaterials.

For Healthcare and Biomaterial applications, Prasinoguard® can be modified  to generate a product that is safe with anti-inflammatory  properties for therapeutic and/or prophylatic use.

MicroA is currently in discussions with several manufacturers that are studying the inclusion of Prasinoguard® (raw material) in cosmetic formulations.

Prasinoguard® Cosmetics

The need for pure and efficient natural ingredients in cosmetic products is increasing. Cosmetic products based on microalgae ingredients are a natural alternative to chemical based cosmetics. 

Our product Prasinoguard ®  is a unique exopolysaccharide (ESP) extracted from a marine microalgae. Exopolysaccharides (EPS) are also known for their antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

In vitro and in human data for Prasinoguard ® supports the product claims as gentle to skin,  anti-irritant, anti-pollution and anti-aging properties.

Dermatological tested

Prasinoguard ® has been dermatologically tested to confirm safety and bioactivity.

‘kind to skin’, ‘mild for skin’ and ‘safe for skin’ were all substantiated for the product.


Prasinoguard ® supported claims ‘reduces redness’ and ‘skin soothing’.

Reduction of erythema has been demonstrated in a clinical study.


Prasinoguard ®  is effective in limiting urban carbon microparticle deposition on the skin


Prasinoguard ®   reduced elastase and hyaluronidase activity in vitro.

INCI designation:Prasinococcus capsulatus exopolysaccharides’

COSMOS 1017469 (raw natural ingredient)

CAS number: 1617512-78-3

Patent: EP2846813, US 9453082,  WO /2013/167911


Can be directly formulated into water-based products or in the aqueous phase of water and oil emulsions

RHEOLOGY :  In water the Prasinoguard EPS  forms viscoelastic gels with shear-thinning properties.

DOSE: o.1-1% (w/v) 

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    Prasinoguard ®for healthcare applications

    In vitro studies of Prasinoguard® modified derivatives, have confirmed their anti-inflammatory properties suitability for healthcare applications. Prasinoguard®’s rheology, charge and molecular weight also confer properties suitable for biomaterial applications.Selected bioassays carried out included:

    • Effect on pro-inflammatory enzymes (such as neutrophil elastase) ​
    • Effect on cytokine release (such as IL8 and IL6) from blood cells and keratinocytes following stimulation with cytokines such as TNFα and IL17A ​
    • Effect on neutrophil migration along an IL8 gradient

    Prasinoguard anti-inflammatory effects in vitro : (0.01%)

    • Inhibits neutrophil elastase activity by ~80 %​
    • Inhibits IL8 production from keratinocytes by >75 % ​
    • Inhibits migration of neutrophils by 58 %​
    • Further testing has confirmed a dose-dependent effect.

    Get in touch for more information about Prasinoguard® for healthcare  applications